[General Trend] Optical Fiber Wire Data Line Will Replace Copper Wire As The Main Force


According to Computerworld, Intel believes that the days of copper cables for data transmission within and between computers are numbered as fiber optic communications continue to evolve.

HDMI over optical transmission, this is a very good concept. With 4K or Ultra HD already the next inevitable step from standard definition to high definition, choosing HDMI as the end connection is actually a very good choice.

Intel has begun selling silicon photonic components that use light and lasers to speed up data transfers between computers. Dan Bryant, executive vice president and general manager of Intel's data center Group, said the silicon photonic components will initially be used for fiber optic communications between distant servers and data centers. Over time, Intel will use the technology in its chip products.

In the consumer field, with the increase of 4K video source, 4K TV will become more and more popular, which will drive the demand of this market.

Since the advent of 4K TV, in the major TV manufacturers under the push, the price of 4K TV is falling rapidly, the popularity of the speed will exceed market expectations, more and more into the ordinary households, and with the popularity and sales of 4K TV, directly pull with its supporting signal providers, amplifiers, TV screens and connecting wire demand, Trigger these peripheral product manufacturers also began to flex their muscles ready to grab this wave of enthusiasm.

Now say 4K, there will be 8K in the future, relying on copper transmission is very problematic, the future application is to light technology, optical transmission technology, the development of consumer electronics to bring the best experience to consumers, with the fiber instead of copper this step of progress is faster and faster and more intensive, fiber connection line will become the main product in two to three years.

Currently, PCS and servers 4 still use traditional cables for data transmission, and the speed of data transmission over these cables has reached its limit, while fiber optic provides a faster way to transfer data.

In the process of future optical connection, it is very important to solve the problem of anti-bending performance. Judging from the past development history of Chinese consumer electronics, we still believe that this product will satisfy our user experience well in the future and will have a greater space for development.

Beyond the kilometer level, fiber optic cables take up much less space than traditional cables and are relatively cheaper.

Fiber optic wire is slimmer, lighter and softer, reducing the size and weight of traditional copper wire by up to 60%. Most importantly, the use of optical fiber instead of copper wire as a high-speed signal transmission medium, able to transmit 4K high-definition images and high fidelity audio lossless over a long distance. Compared to traditional copper wire, HDMI active fiber has the advantages of longer, thinner, softer, better signal quality, no radiation, and no electromagnetic interference.

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